About me…

Hi guys!

My name is Jessi.

I have been in serious, or somewhat serious relationships since I was seventeen, and haven’t had much experience in enjoying the single life. So that is what this blog is about. It is an account as well as an experiment to figure out the things that I like, dislike, my loves and my passions.

Types of things I will talk about:

  • My dating life: things that I will learn through my journey of what I did right, wrong and how I can better be myself on the next date.
  • My sex life: goes without saying. I may not discuss every detail, but I will certainly let you know if I get lucky or if anything weird happens!
  • Self discovery: just general things that I discover about myself. Things I like, and my opinions.
  • Partner wish list: I may not talk about this one often, but basically I will discuss my deal breakers as well as things that I would like my significant other to have which would tempt me to fall out of the life of singledom. Hopefully I wont talk about this one too much.

Join me. Or not. This blog is for me as well as anyone that is in the same boat, or find the blog interesting, or just needs an insight into my world. To you all… I welcome you.