Breaking the Touch Barrier!

Sorry, I thought that I published this. It is a bit late but here is what happened a couple of weeks ago.

So here is what happened. Mr Orange asked if I would like to go on a hike. He suggested hiking as it was originally on my tinder profile as one of my activities that I enjoy, and he asked me about my hobbies on our first date. That and I enjoyed the walk we did last weekend. So I picked a place. We went for the hike to the top, then walked slightly further and found a nice little spot that would be nicer in the summer months (It was too cold to swim).

We had a chat for a while and learned more about each other, he told me his lack of a dating life previous to me, and I told him a small piece of mine. We also agreed that we were having more fun than we have had in a long time. It has been so fun to hang out, be ourselves, and get to know one another, likes, dislikes and hobbies.

Okay, getting to the details on the touch barrier. Hiking and climbing a mountain I swear is the best way to break the touch barrier if you or they are nervous about holding your hand. Unless of course he is a complete douche bag and lets you slip down the mountain on your arse. The mountain has to be slightly difficult, with rocks to climb at some point. Or a small creek crossing, something that has a few obstacles that would be easier to get over if you had someone there to help you up or down the rock/step section of track.

In this scenario, he was a perfect gentleman, when it looked like I was having trouble up a huge rock, he held out his hand to help pull me up. At one point I think I was being a pain and failing to get up this slippery part on my own, he said “Just hold my hand,” Like he was telling me to let him help me.

Up until this point, I didn’t realize how nervous I was to hold his hand. It was weird because of two reasons. I am the type of person that finds it difficult to accept help from anyone. The second reason is that I am normally the type of person to jump in, make the first move and hold hands, especially with someone that has less experience dating than myself.

I didn’t want to be the first person this time. I wanted to take things slow. I also read somewhere that it is ego boosting for the man to let him help you when he offers. Also, if you forever say no, he may not ever offer again. So, a couple of times when it was slightly difficult, and may have been able to manage it, I let him help me. It was rewarding. His eyes lit up, and a huge smile would spread across his face. He would then tease me in a playful way, but then I would tease back. Such a fun day.

The accomplishment here was, the touch barrier was broken! The heading of this article sounded a lot more scandalous than it was, doesn’t it? Sorry if you are disappointed, but think of it this way, if he was nervous in anyway to hold my hand, he will be a lot less nervous when he holds it for real as we take a stroll somewhere. I am not generally nervous about hand holding as such, but I am still getting to know Mr Orange. So when that move comes I will leave it up to him. Also, something that scared me was that apparently hand holding can be one of the things that can define a relationship. Not sure if I am ready for that discussion just yet. I am quite happy with dating. I am just glad it’s Mr Orange. At least so far. It does take time to get to know someone. So we will see.

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