Three Men in Two Days

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me explain. If you read the last post, I am currently recovering from a cold, and I think I know how I got it in the first place.

The weekend before my week of illness, on the Friday night, I got a message from one of the guys that I had been chatting to on Tinder. No, that is not new news, see my quick snippet here about my thought process when joining the Tinder universe.

I wont use their real names, lets call him Mr Orange. Why not? I guess his name could be anything, and I could change it later. Anyway, I get the message to ask if I would like to grab a coffee in the morning. I had absolutely no plans this weekend. It was the first weekend that I had decided that I wasn’t going to be upset if I didn’t get up to anything.

In the end, I was asked out by Mr Orange for a coffee, and then I was asked to join Mr Bear for lunch. Where is the third man you say? I will get to that momentarily.

Have you ever heard that theory that men can sense calm waters? I cant remember where I heard or read about it, and I tried to google it to put a link to it, but had no luck. When I find it I will link it in. You know that theory, when you sort of pine over a guy, usually it is an Ex-lover, and they sort of seem to want nothing to do with you, and the moment you begin to move on, being happy and content, and even dating other people, they seem to sense it and show up at your door? Well, I believe that is what happened on this particular weekend.

Let’s call him, Mr Regular for now. You see, Mr Regular and I had been friends for a long time. We had even lived together. Not as partners, just as friends. He had been there through nearly every breakup, and I had been there for nearly every girlfriend. But as time went on, we drifted apart, I got a long term partner and he moved out to give us space. I wont go into his story, as it is not mine to tell.

I will need to write another post to explain Mr Regular, so once I have done the page I will put a link in this page.

Anyway, so Mr Regular and I accidentally crossed the line of friends only into friends with occasional benefits. more on that later. So after I was finished with my date with Mr Orange, I get a text from Mr Regular asking if I would like a visitor. I hadn’t really had the opportunity to talk to him as a friend since the demotion of our relationship status, which was no more fooling around (a decision that he made for us and I was upset about… more on that later) so I thought it would be good to see him on a platonic level again.

I agreed.

Mr Regular comes over and not long after he gets in the door, he gives me a hug, which is a standard thing that I have always done with him, and then he gives me a big smooch on the lips. Not at all disgusting and surprisingly pleasant. I sort of haven’t had any action for about two months, and I was not really craving it until that moment.

I was confused.

Moving past all the chitter chatter, we had a bit of a make out session. It was nice to be held, even for a little bit. I did mention to him that I was on the tail end of my period, (too much info I know), so nothing was going to happen. He stayed for a little bit, and shirts came off but that was it. Then after a while, he left. I think I know what he wanted, I didn’t give him the good stuff, but I was left very confused.

That is why I think he only contacted me when he sensed the calm waters? We wont know unless I see him again. He has become very good at not answering my texts again.

Saturday night, I had the most wonderful girls night with my best friend. Wine and cheese, music, dancing and tacos! I couldn’t ask for a better friend or a better night. In fact it was well over due. I told her all about Mr Orange, and Mr Regular, and then about my date on Sunday with Mr Bear.

There was a lot of wine, and I did go home in a taxi. A very wet night.

Come Sunday, I was a little hung over. Not much, but I did need to have some hangover food to ease the stomach a bit and a panadol to rid me of the inkling of a headache. So off I went to meet Mr Bear for lunch.

I was a little worried to meet Mr Bear. His picture on Tinder wasnt the best, and when he texted me, he almost told me things that I didn’t need know. Not bad things, just things like, he put a load of washing on and hung it out today. Um, thanks for the info? I read somewhere to go on dates with a range of different people. I might find I don’t like them and it will be easier to move on, or be pleasantly surprised.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. He was a big teddy bear, hence the name that I have allocated this man. He was sweet paid for lunch, and while we were sitting there, some obnoxious people kept going in and out of the door which let the cold air in every five seconds. So he would casually get up and close the door behind them.

While on lunch, Mr Orange asked if I would like to see a movie, he wanted to get out of the house. I read the message after my date with Mr Bear of course. I was keen. I was like, “hell yeah!” I was keen to meet up again and have what I classed as a third date that weekend.

I actually phoned him my reply, cause it was easier to discuss movies, times and cinemas. I got his message bank. So when he rang me back, I was shocked and surprisingly really happy. I was also happy about how I was doing. I wasn’t scared. I was facing my fears. That and most guys I have met all prefer to message. One that I met refuses to answer the phone that is how much he would prefer not to talk to someone on the phone. More on him at a later date.

We meet at the movie theater and after the movie we explored the city. Found a nice park, that he didn’t know existed, and it drizzled a bit. Then we went to the esplanade for a while, sat down and it was cold. So getting in and out of the car, then being in the rain almost all weekend after a hangover I think is what made me ill. I was super happy on Monday, and Tuesday came and BAM! it hit me. Sorry that this was a long story.

So that is how I met up with three men over two days. It was a full weekend. At one point I was confused as hell, but apparently that is all a part of the single life. And I am more than happy to experience it all. I am not looking forward to the heart break times. However, I will embrace it when it comes.

I should be signing off now. There is so much to catch up on. I will do my best to fill you in.

Love Jessi.

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