Getting the flu when you are single AF.

I knew this day was coming. The day where I get sick and don’t have that significant other to assist in my recovery process. Someone to bring me soup, and cuddle me until I am feeling better. A well, as it happens, as much as that would have been nice, the other side of it I was grateful that I didn’t have to feel guilty for someone needing to look after me as well as not getting any sleep as I coughed, sneezed and blew my nose into the night. So I guess for that I am pleased.

If I really got bad I knew the emergency numbers, and I am sure if I called on my friends they would help in anyway they could. That thought alone made me feel safer. Although one of my flaws is that I don’t want to feel like a burden to anyone. I guess that is another reason why I decided to do the single thing more full time. Haha I say that like it is a job.

Getting sick in the middle of the week has its challenges, but has its perks. I got to go home for half a day and stay home for a full day. I mean it wasn’t a holiday but I didn’t force myself through it because I could have made it worse. Though by Thursday, I pulled myself out of bed to go to work. It was difficult, but at least I felt more useful than the day before.

Last night though up all night coughing, so going in to work today was struggle. It was like I pulled an all-nighter. I couldn’t concentrate, but I did my best. The important thing was that I took a good look at myself and did what was best for me. I finally learnt how to make a basic chicken and corn soup, and I made myself sleep as much of the illness off as I could. I had been staying up late for a while so it has been good to catch up and rest.

My take from this is that I have been doing so much lately, I have gone from 0 to 100 in the single and dating world (more on that later), and the universe has gone, “Woah! Hold up! Slow the F*** down!” So I will gladly take this on board and slow down. I don’t need to go on three dates in two days. I can just go slow and see how it goes. Thank goodness that I am recovered enough for this weekend. I have one date, at least so far. I am not going to go out of my way too far this weekend. I am also going to make sure that I have time for me.

In case you are after what I did in attempts to get over the cold faster:

  • Get plenty of rest/sleep
  • Panadol
  • Nasal spray for decongesting my sinus’ and safe for Asthmatics (me)
  • Lemon and Honey Tea
  • Avoided Sugar
  • Chicken and Corn soup (Chicken and Vegetable would have been healthier, but I’m a rebel)
  • Cough mix (also safe for Asthmatics)
  • Plenty of water
  • Eucalyptus oil drops on tissues really helped
  • Codral for first couple of days, then I was told by a chemist that they are no good for Asthmatics.

I swear every time I go to the Chemist with a cold they tell me something different. But I stand by the chemist I go to now. They are more consistent and actually care that I have asthma and treat accordingly. The other one I used to go always gave me something harmful. Anyway, that bitching aside. I am feeling a lot better now. Occasional blocked nose and ears is my lasting side effects as well as an annoying persistent cough. Eventually it will go away.

I have a theory on why I got the cold in the first place. I will tell you more in the next entry.

Cheers! xx

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